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Pallet Rack and Metal Shelving

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We manufacture a complete line of pallet rack and metal shelving. Please visit the page for the products you are interested in by clicking on any of the links on this page. See our catalogs for complete details.

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We offer a complete line of tear drop pallet rack including all popular sizes.  We also have refurbished pallet rack. Pallet Rack Brochure


This new line of structural steel rack is resistant to fork lift damage and has greater weight capacity at wider beam spacing. Structural Rack Brochure


Our Dixie Shelving line of standard shelving offers one of the widest ranges of sizes and styles available. This product has been filling the needs of business for more than seventy years. Shelving Brochure


Our Widespan line is the most popular Widespan shelving in the southwest.  We will not be undersold on this style of shelving. Widespan Shelving Brochure


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